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Futur Projects
  • "One Century of Vallauris Ceramic History from 1881 to nowadays"
    World Turning Retrospective
    If you wan
    t to present this exhibition: CONTACT
  • "First entirely Virtual World Biennal in 2004"
    We are actually searching sponsors and partners for the Prices dotation:

  • CNAP The Cultural Ministry National database for Plastician Art : one of the most important French database for Contemporary Art
  • ArtZoom an interesting new Web site dedicated to plastician Artists of the World
  • Lo Graphiste Artist painter and Web Designer actually living in Canada, without whom this web site would never be born, we thank him for his technology, patience and kindness.
  • Pascal Maillard for his important work around "Art links web sites", his great gaze upon Art, and his wonderful talent in Photography Art.
  • Le Mondes Arts an interesting Website with News about Art on the whole Planet
  • Passion Céramique : showing Passion around techniques and materials for Ceramic,and some interesting links to visit...
  • Forum: "Potters without Frontiers" dedicated to all the potters of the World for a better communication between each other;
  • "Potters'Whispers": a special page for including texts by potters, or video on and around Art...

Nicole Crestou - Max Siffredi
Colette Biquand - Jacques Bro
Jean-Michel Doix - Regula brotbek
Ole Krongaard - Jean-François Descombes
Jean-Yves Chevilly - Gilles Duru
Fafou Bro - Albert Thiry
Marc Piano - Philippe Baldacchino

New artists are welcome!  

From 19 Spetember to 10 October 2006
Salvatore Parisi


Please apologizes ...

For the moment I haven't time to update new artists, and just make announcement of ceramic artists presented by the
Gallery XXI

Exhibitions to see...

  • GALLERY XXI Vernissage
    Guest: Salvatore Parisi
    from 09/03/2006 18h to 02/04/2006
    Tel: 06 73 36 34 8
    3 details
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